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Gift Cards

A gift card for ecommerce is a prepaid card or voucher that can be used to make purchases on an online retail website or within an online marketplace. These gift cards are a popular form of gift-giving because they allow the recipient to choose their own desired items from a wide selection of products available on the ecommerce platform

Here’s how it typically works:

  1. Purchase: The gift card is usually purchased by an individual either online or at a physical store associated with the ecommerce platform. It can be a physical card or a digital code.

  2. Activation: The gift card is activated either at the time of purchase or when it is delivered to the recipient. Activation involves assigning a monetary value to the card.

  3. Redemption: The recipient can use the gift card to make purchases on the ecommerce website. They enter the unique code associated with the card during the checkout process, and the value of the card is deducted from the total cost of their order.

  4. Balance: If the recipient does not use the entire value of the gift card in one transaction, the remaining balance is typically stored on the card for future use until the card expires or the balance is depleted.

Gift cards for ecommerce are a convenient way to give someone the flexibility to choose their own gifts while still providing a thoughtful and personalized present. They are widely used by online retailers and marketplaces to boost sales and attract customers

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